🍹Discord Ecosystem


The KNGPNS utilize the Mojito Discord Bot to offer rewards and host events in a variety of ways. Through Mojito, you can participate in auctions, raffles, and giveaways to win NFTs, merch, WL spots, and more! These events are also shown on the KNGPNS HUB Dashboard, so that you can easily locate and participate.

Earning Points

You can earn points in a variety of ways through engagement and representation:


  • Messages

  • Invites

  • Time in VC

  • Reactions

  • Phrases


  • Using the banner below across your entire account, not just server profile.

  • Having "KNGPN" within your Discord username.

Spending Points

You can spend points in auctions and raffles to earn NFTs and merch! These take place through the 🪙丨auctions and 🎟丨raffles pages. You can also view these events through the dashboard.

Essential Commands

/profile - see your, or another users stats.
/top - see a leaderboard of the most active users.

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