Is KNGPNs a Bluechip?

How dare you even click this card.

What is KNGPNS?

KNGPNS is an free mint, creator-oriented NFT community that's curated by Solana culture and dedicated to revolutionizing the way that projects in the space reward holders for taking actions that benefit the project. We're

Wen Moon?
What utilities does owning a KNGPN bring?

KNGPN holders are rewarded in a variety of ways for taking actions that benefit the project, whether this be engagement or content creation. You can then use the points (and soon $KNG) that you earn in auctions and raffles to win different prizes!

What is $KNGPN?

$KNG is the upcoming KNGPNS governance and utility token that gives you a voice in community decisions and lets you participate in events to earn rewards. You can learn more about $KNG here.

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